Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get listed in a Community Directory?
A: If your business or organization is located in a community listed on our home page you can have a free, basic listing by completing and sending us this online form.

Q: Can I have more than just my company name, address & telephone number included in the listing?
A: Yes, you can add photos, logos, more text, hours of operation, fax number, email address, link to your Web site. Go to a complete list of additional features. To sign up for an expanded listing, use this online form, and pay a small yearly fee.

Q: How do I add photos to my directory listing?
A: When you sign up for a paid listing you will receive a password to an online form. By entering the full Web address where each of your photos are located, those photos will display on your listing page. Read more about doing it your self or letting us do it for you.

Q: We are an organization located in one of the listed Community Directories. How can we add a Community Directory to our Web site?
A: You can add a link to a Community Directory at no cost to you. There are more  benefits to using our Community Directory on your Web site. Copy the text link to your community located on our home page.  Paste this link on to your Web page. You can have this Community Directory link open in a new window, keeping your Web page open for your visitor.

Q: I have an Antique store in one of the listed Community Directories. I also use eBay auctions to reach customers nationwide who wouldn't otherwise shop in my store. Can I include links to my eBay auction items in my Community Directory listing?
A: Yes. Simply add your eBay ID to your Merchant Update form. Links to your active auctions will be added automatically to your Community Directory listing. When you have no current auctions, a default link to eBay will appear. You can either delete your eBay ID from the Merchant Update form when you have no current auctions, or if you just leave it there. Any new auctions you list with eBay will again automatically be linked.

Q: How do I open an eBay Auction account to sell my items?
A: eBay Auctions are any easy, quick way to sell almost anything. By listing items on eBay Auctions you reach millions of potential buyers not only in the United States, but from around the world. More information from eBay - Register here to be an eBay Seller

Q: I don't have a Web site. Can I include a link to my eBay Store in my listing instead?
A: Yes. First, use your browser to go to your eBay Store. Copy the full URL (Web address starting with http://) for your store then paste that into the Web Address field on your Community Directory merchant update form. On your listing page, your company name then becomes a link to your eBay Store.

Q: How do I open an eBay Store to sell my items?
A: Unlike eBay auctions, items listed in your eBay Store have fixed prices. For a small fee, eBay will set you up with an online store where you can list and sell almost anything. More information from eBay - Register here to be an eBay Seller

Q: How can I make any money from my listing?
A: The number one way is to encourage people come to your store by using photos and descriptions in an expanded Community Directory listing to make your store seem attractive to potential customers or send them to your Web site. Another way is to use your listing to send online customers to your eBay Auction or eBay Store. Another way to make money is to become an affiliate of an established eCommerce Web site that pays you a percentage of sales you generate via links from your Community Directory listing.

Q: Why are the categories set up the way they are?
A: One reason is to keep it simple. Right now we use 35 categories that correspond to the top NAICS & SIC codes, which include thousand of categories. Also we wanted to keep the categories the same for each Community Directory to make it easier to promote groups of similar businesses regardless of which community they are located.

Q:  As a District Administrator, what tools are available to me?
A:  District Administrators can add, edit and delete listings in districts for which they have permissions. Reports can also be downloaded that list all merchant listing information, and which can be sorted. Find out more...

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